Protection concept

safe winter vacation

„We don't give Covid-19 a chance! We take care of your safety out of conviction."

As a ski hut, we have 200 to 400 guests every day. Accordingly, we have set up disinfectant dispensers in the stairwell and on the toilet facilities since our opening 2 years ago. The toilets are cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes. The staircase railing is disinfected twice a day. 


NEW measures: All guests pass a non-contact infrared thermometer at the entrance. Masks are required in the spacious elevator to the restaurant on the 3rd floor. The guest is accompanied by the receptionist to the free table. This creates more peace and quiet in the restaurant. 


New air filter devices support the positive room climate. If the guests are not sitting at the table, the mouth guard must be worn. "Keeping your distance" is regularly pointed out.
We think we all need to learn to live with the new virus. We also accept this challenge. We want to continue to offer our guests quality and friendliness and now convince with safe hospitality.
*** Our employees are tested weekly.


For everyone, there is still a RESPONSIBILITY to be able to enjoy winter sports and nature. Please only travel healthily, respect the rules of conduct and keep a little distance.


Official travel regulations for Austria can be found here:

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